Create breathtaking floral imagery


Creative Flower Photography is a very special workshop for those who love artistic photography and are fascinated by the beauty of flowers. During the workshop Susan will share the methods she uses to obtain her impressive flower portraits. Understand how to use composition and light to craft the exact image you want


This workshop includes location shooting during the  practical sessions, with a diverse range of natural subjects.

Please note this workshop does not teach studio lighting nor flash photography. All lighting is natural daylight

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Anyone who appreciates plants – be they plant lovers, photographers, gardeners, florists or garden designers – and wants to discover new ways for photographing them. Extend your approach to photographing plants, in any weather. 

This is for you if you want to take beautiful shots of flowers, indoors and out.


All levels of photographer

Whether you are a keen amateur or professional, this workshop provides you with the skills to take your photography to another level. It is about what you see and developing your own photographic style whilst nurturing your own creativity.


Key Features

  • Creative use of depth of field

  • Check out backgrounds

  • Careful composition

  • How to "see" creatively

  • Exposure control

  • Look at flowers in a different way, using symmetry and repetitions

  • Master the intricacies of natural light


What to expect

I want you to go home having learnt loads and feeling confident - rather than just taking nice photos you don't know how to repeat.

During the workshop you will learn how to take stunning creative photographs of flowers and foliage. As no two photographers are the same, your tuition will occur behind your lens, where I will take time to advise you on photographic techniques, angles and composition techniques to take your photography and creativity to another level.



Arranged to suit, currently scheduling weekdays.



Berkshire and Surrey outdoor locations

What to bring

  • Digital camera, memory cards and camera manual

  • Macro lens

  • A longer lens – a telephoto zoom would be fine

  • Tripod (optional)

  • Notebook



One to One £170 per half day

Two to One £250 per half day


How to book

Click here to email your enquiry and which days you are interested in.

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